Saturday, August 27, 2011

New love

I have noticed over the last few weeks, especially since Chris and I got back from Cairns, that my Big Boy 3 (BB3)  family have disappeared from my feeding zone.

At first I was a bit upset - why did they go?  What happened to them? But this morning the penny dropped!  Duh! They are teenagers, young adults, searching for a mate and a good time - maybe even love!  How romantic!

All of our birdlife here has gone quiet, except for those who have already perhaps found their life partner. That's nice.  But it hasn't stopped me from thinking and wondering about them. They were an amazing assortment of birds to watch, (for someone who really isn't a bird-watcher) but I loved their antics and their behavioural patterns. 

I look forward to seeing their off-spring if we are still here.

I found this interesting link to the English view of magpies--worth a read.  Obviously they have not met my birds, and the entire Big Boy clan which has been here over the years - what lovely birds, and always showing direct eye contact, and almost the need to learn to speak--BB3 and I had been working on that--anyway, see this link and make up your own minds:

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