Thursday, May 31, 2012

Suffering from flu/sinus!! Not fun!!

Sick woman with red nose leaving a trail of tissues behind her
For the past few days I have really suffered from a good bout of sinus, and then I got hit with a flu virus--thank goodness I am getting the flu under control a bit more---useful medication and some sleep.  But the sinus is a real pain!

I have felt listless and tired, and it is hard to breathe properly..reminds me of the first symptoms I had of pneumonia a few years ago now.....don't think it is--just not very nice right now.

I will get over this sinus and be strong again soon.  I will continue with my normal routines, and laugh again.  I can tell I am beginning to recover because I want to write here again, and start to write about funny stuff again...

I will..but am taking this time to get better and stronger, and hopefully more entertaining! 

Stupid sinus...Stupid flu!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Strap is trying to talk

Remember in my last post when I said that I was sure that our animals understood English " We are positive that they all understand English, and in their own way speak to us all the time (OK--I firmly believe that!) But the other members of the family are beginning to have a fresh understanding of the uniqueness these animals in our family" (taken from my blog:'Squirt and Strap's competition')

Well today is the perfect example.  I was feeling a bit frazzled, but knew at the same time that I hadn't paid much attention to Squirt for at least 2 days, so knew that she probably needed water updated, and maybe some new seed. But when I went outside to deal with her, I noticed that Strap had once again shed so much hair around the back patio tiles and that it had become also mixed up with Squirt's over-spill of seeds, and I just felt cranky!  I grabbed the broom and started to sweep it up, and Strap kept walking in front of me with his tennis ball in his mouth, wanting to play a game.  I told him that I wasn't in the mood, and picked up his ball and through it into the rain.  ( A very hateful thing for me to do.) He just sat and looked at me.

Squirt started saying every word she ever knew, including whistling her dog whistle and calling Strap!  I started calling back to Squirt, and I then filled her water dish.  Squirt and I kept up this banter, and I think Strap just cracked!  If he could have yelled at me in English he would have. Instead, he just sat close by and gave a sharp bark and then a small howl which almost sounded sad. I stopped what I was doing, went to him, and surprised, asked him what was wrong!  He just ran to me, and we cuddled. A lot. I think he was really sad not to be getting the attention that I was giving to Squirt. I cuddled him, and rubbed and held his face.

They both demand so much attention, as much as children would, and sometimes I forget that. All day Strap has laid outside of the glass doors when I have been around, and I have him let inside about 3 times for a cuddle. He loves having his tummy rubbed, and with his paw forces my hand onto his tummy to ensure I hit all the right spots! He then usually jumps up and gives me hugs and tries very hard to lick my face and give me kisses.

Tonight, once again I had let him in, and gave him some cuddles.  When he was happy enough, he then ran outside, and laid by the back glass doors.  Laughing, I was once again telling Chris how fascinated I was with their behaviour, and tried to imitate Strap's latest outburst of a bark/howl. I think I upset him, because all of a sudden, he looked inside the room and gave out a bark/yap again. I think he didn't like me talking about him in a funny way.  Fair enough!

These two animals amaze me, with their communication and body language skills. They definitely know what they want and now just don't hesitate to let me/us know.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Squirt and Strap's competition

I know I have written about Squirt and Strap in the past and explained their idiosyncrasies.  Believe me, they do have them!  Chris and I have often commented upon the fact that any animal, be it fish, bird, dog or crawling things, in our presence are so different from other living creatures in the 'real' world. 
We are positive that they all understand English, and in their own way speak to us all the time (OK--I firmly believe that!) But the other members of the family are beginning to have a fresh understanding of the uniqueness these animals in our family....and they are acknowledging that it is amazing what we have seen and experience almost daily. living with these 'family' members.

For example this morning I was sitting quietly in the early morning hours in the kitchen/family room area, when Squirt suddenly just went crazy outside in her aviary.  She was flying around and flapping her wings and tail as she grabbed onto the bars of the aviary.  She started screeching as though she was under threat! I got so frightened that I rushed outside, thinking that perhaps there was a snake in her area, but no. Nothing. Nada. Just a neurotic bird. As soon as she saw she got a reaction from me, she just went quiet, and sat calmly on one of her perches. Sucked me in big time!  She does this to me all the time!  And they call me a Drama Queen! Hello! Where do you think I learned it all!!

But what really cracks my up lately is Strap's sleeping behaviour.  Usually, once dawn has occurred, he rises from his sleep under the window of the back bedroom, and drops his weary body outside of the family room sliding glass doors.  But lately, he has discovered a new early morning sleeping spot. Underneath our BBQ cover!  We recently bought a new stainless steel BBQ, and then covered it for safe keeping under the normal black canvas/plastic? cover for protection. This morning, I couldn't see Strap anywhere, then noticed a white tip sticking out from under the black BBQ cover.  His new sleeping space. But only in the morning. Obviously the early dawn light upsets his sleep, so he has discovered a better sleeping space. Cracks me up!  It's usually either his nose, or the tip of his tail that sticks out.

Is it because they live with us, and let's face it--we live life according to our own drummers, or is it because they were strange to begin with and just do things to egg us 'em for it anyway--keeps life interesting....

Friday, May 18, 2012

Dylan the Great!!!

I wrote this story recently for my grandson who is in hospital undergoing various brain surgery operations. He is Dylan the Brave and True! And truly the hero of this story...

Enjoy it!  He did when I read it to him!


Once upon a time, about five years ago, a little boy was born to loving parents who smiled and laughed because they were so happy!  Little did they know that they were holding in their arms a little wonder who would soon be known as DYLAN THE GREAT!

Little did anyone else know at the time, that Dylan’s body was already getting ready to fight the ‘Baddies’.  There were terrible germs and nasties hiding in his body and waiting to do battle with the Great Dylan.  But, Dylan, even at a very young age, was too Strong, and Brave and even Mighty to let the ‘Baddies’ win, and he gathered his strength to fight a very brave battle!

Dylan proved, as he grew older that he was Stronger than Spiderman,
and Braver than Batman,

He was Dylan was the Great!

However, one day, the ’Baddies’ who were not very nice at all, were waiting to do battle once again, and soon after Dylan turned 5, the ‘Baddies’ started the greatest battle that Dylan had ever had to fight before in his young years.  But he knew how to do it, and he put on his Bravest face, and he used all his Strength and he showed his Mightiest power, and the battle began!

There were lots of battle plans and discussions held with his surgeons, his Warriors.  He had to use so much Bravery as they prepared him for each battle, but he took it all on, and showed his Strength not only to the ‘Baddies’ but to those people who were around him.  They all clapped and laughed in relief at how strong he was! 

Dylan was so Mighty that soon he started to defeat the ‘Baddies’ and they got scared and started to run away.  Dylan the Great had done it again.  He had proven how Strong and Brave and Mighty he was against them all. 

Dylan the Great then just had to rest, so that he could be ready for any battle that could be ahead of him.  But do you know what?  I think the ‘Baddies’ will be too scared to come around him for a very long time!

Dylan the Great is my hero!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Curlews - What an experience!

Bush Stone Curlews are the most fascinating local birds here for me.  They resemble a smaller version of a stilted bird--cross between ostrich or emu, but with colouring that helps them to blend into the countryside and their protection. They are land dwellers and often mate for life.  There is a couple of them in our local neighbourhood that were protecting their nest around Christmas time, and even moved the infant to a safer position after it was born.  As a result, I drive so carefully through our quiet neighbourhood, trying to catch a glimpse of them when and if possible.

Well, about a week ago Chris and I were very surprised by our early morning visitor! 

At about 7:00 am Chris looked out from our bedroom deck and noticed a Bush Stone Curlew standing at our front door.  He came downstairs to have a closer look through one of our media room windows and was fascinated!  I was in my study at the time, and he came in and just asked me follow him, as he had something to show me.  And as we peered through that media room window only about  two metres away from her, I couldn't believe my eyes! There she stood! Completely on her own, seemingly calm and wanting to rest, as they are night birds, and eventually she just settled on our front door mat. I was amazed as I watched her calmly settle into place, and start to seek sleep.
I watched her, fascinated off and on for quite some time, then finally gave in and went back to bed, to try to catch a little more sleep, as I am still only sleeping a few hours at a time.  When I woke up a short time later, I looked out from our bedroom window, and she was still laying there on our front door mat! 
As the day progressed, Chris opened the front door slowly and quietly, and she stood up and approached him out of innocent curiosity. She was proving to be more and more fascinating!  She just was not phased at our curiosity with her, and I got the feeling that she felt completely natural in our environment and didn't show fear at all. She was very curious, just as were we . She just decided that she was safe, and decided to stay with us for that morning. 

As the day progressed, I quietly opened our front door slowly and in a non- threatening manner.  She had previously stood up from her nap in our protected front door area, and was beginning to wander a bit from the doorway.  As soon as I opened the door, and quietly spoke to her, she started to approach me and came up to the screen door, as if to say: "Are you inviting me inside?"  I really wanted to..but knew I shouldn't so I just talked to her for while.  She stood with her beak pressed against the screen door, then gradually just layed down on the door mat again.  I invited her to stay, and quietly closed the front door.

About an hour later, I noticed that she was gone from that area and had wondered around to our side lawn area, just outside of our pool area.  While I had enjoyed taking photos of her, I was afraid that my camera reflection and noise through the family room windows could startle her, so I just observed.  She eventually worked out that she could squeeze through the pool fence and settled into the pool courtyard area.  For the rest of the day she decided to relax in that area.  It was such a fascinating experience to have her with us.

As the afternoon progressed, we discovered that when Chris entered the pool area, she did not appear to be aggravated, just more curious.  After some time, he was able to hand feed some small scraps of food, which she took willingly from his out-stretched palm, and was even allowed to gently stroke her back as she approached him.  It was so amazing to watch this wild bird interact with us.

Meanwhile, Strap, our border collie, was not impressed.  His jealousy at the attention she was getting, began to become obvious, and as night-time and early dark began to roll in, our visitor for the day started to think that going through the pool fence possibly into his area in the back of the house and the natural grassland up on our hill, might be a good idea.  I was worried about Strap attacking her though, and asked Chris to try to do something.

He quietly entered the pool area again, as he had done earlier in the day, with Strap watching very closely from the closed gateway area.  He gently walked up to the curlew and persuaded her to walk through the open gateway towards our front garden area, into a perhaps more protected area, outside of Strap's jealously quarded area.  She followed him through the open gateway and wondered around eventually to the front door area and her door mat.

We hoped she was going to stay with us, and left her alone.  But after leaving her alone there, she eventually disapperared when we checked on her later during the evening.

We haven't seen her since.  I still drive carefully through our quiet neighbourhood and hope each morning that she may surprise us with a visit.  But we haven't seen her since that day.  I like to think that she found her family, from whom she may have wondered away.  I still hear them call out during the night and early morning hours, with their haunting call.  What a great experience it was to have the shared the day with her!

Soundlip of the bush stone curlew's  plaintive cry:

Thursday, May 3, 2012

OK--Here is where I become philosophical!

I try so very hard to make this blog very upbeat and positive, as we all know that there is already a lot of trouble, sorrow and sometimes very misfortunate things happening in this life.  I am a very strong believer in positive thinking, and trying very hard to overcome any difficult or life affecting issues that hit any and all of us during our journey here.

Sometimes, even I have to question it all, and can get into a downward spiral--but remembering to soar is where the journey takes a turn, and the thrill of achieving once again that wonderful flight of recognising life and its beauty is always worth the journey!

This particvular blog that I am writing today is extremely out of character here - but even I have my serious moments.  It doesn't mean that I don't strive for the light, the joy, the relief of pain or sorrow or whatever is being experienced.

As I sit here and write this today, dawn is just appearing, and my wonderful native birds are waking up outside--they all sing every morning and start their day, always with a watchful eye, and an appreciation for what today may bring. 

I hope your day brings you some relief, a moment to perhaps smile at even the smallest thing, and the knowledge that even if you don't know it, you are very much loved and needed by someone. 

I feel that way today!  I hope this little blog helps you too to hold onto that feeling!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dylan needs prayers

I am asking all of my friends and family on SchoolFeed, Facebook, Email, and my blog to pray for my dear daughter Bronwyn and her young son Dylan, (age 5) as he goes under surgery tonight once again for brain surgery, this time to remove his brain shunts to fight once again his dreaded meningitis. He is so strong and intelligent and such a brave young boy! Let's pray he comes to us all very healthy again!