Thursday, May 31, 2012

Suffering from flu/sinus!! Not fun!!

Sick woman with red nose leaving a trail of tissues behind her
For the past few days I have really suffered from a good bout of sinus, and then I got hit with a flu virus--thank goodness I am getting the flu under control a bit more---useful medication and some sleep.  But the sinus is a real pain!

I have felt listless and tired, and it is hard to breathe properly..reminds me of the first symptoms I had of pneumonia a few years ago now.....don't think it is--just not very nice right now.

I will get over this sinus and be strong again soon.  I will continue with my normal routines, and laugh again.  I can tell I am beginning to recover because I want to write here again, and start to write about funny stuff again...

I will..but am taking this time to get better and stronger, and hopefully more entertaining! 

Stupid sinus...Stupid flu!

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