Saturday, June 2, 2012

The photo frame.....

I am writing this today because as I sit here in our new home and unpack even more boxes (Do they ever stop--where did this stuff all come from!) I came across a double photo frame of my 3 gorgeous daughters.

This photo frame is now sitting on top of my printer here in my study.

It holds so many memories for me of other times, innocent times, happy times, some sad, but memories all the same.

The double frame includes a photo of our baby Madison, and then Bronwyn and Lauren.

So much has happened since these photos were taken....deaths, marriages, celebrations and funerals. But as families do, we hold on and hope for a brighter tomorrow, and sometimes, if we are patient just enough -- it happens.

But often when I look at this little photo frame holding so many memories, I at times get sentimental, then just smile and remember the best of days!

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