Thursday, June 7, 2012

The man in the window!

Some years back now, I hadn't been feeling very well, and was laying on the couch in the lounge room in the house I have written about - the one that was built on various levels and had a history of strange 'ghost' like things occurring within it.

I feel like it may have been a Sunday, as we (the two girls, John and I were home--in my memory it felt like a lazy day ).

Anyway, I had not been feeling well for a couple of days, and decided that afternoon to just laze on the couch and watch some TV.  The girls had grabbed the two large pillows that I kept in the lounge, and were laying on the carpeted floor in front of me, and John was sitting back on one of the lounge chairs.  It seemed very peaceful and restful, and after awhile, I found myself fast asleep.

I woke up a bit later, and knew that John and the girls were still there, but from my angle on the couch I could see a man in a suit up at one of the dormer windows looking through it, and directly at me!  Now I knew that a man in a suit at that window was practically impossible. First of all, it was a very hot summer afternoon, so why would anyone be wearing a heavy suit, and that dormer window was at roof level, with no flooring or any capacity to just be looking through it at that height--that would have been 3 storeys high!

1014 Yaamba Road, Rockhampton City, Qld 4700At first I was shocked, then frightened.  I tried to call out to my family--but it was like I was frozen!  I could not make a sound or move, as hard as I tried!   I struggled to move my arms or even just let out a sound, but my body wouldn't cooperate.  Meanwhile, the man in the window was still just there.

I started to really feel scared, and just didn't what else to do.  I wanted so much to yell out, to get everyone's attention, but no one was noticing the panic I was going through.  I looked away from the man and after about 30 seconds, looked back again.  He was gone. And I could move!

I yelled out then! John was asleep in his chair and woke with a start--I don't remember what the girls did--I told them about the man, and John checked outside quickly to see if there was anything obvious--the man would have had to use an extension ladder to get up to that window.  Of course, there was nothing.

Everyone tried to convince me that I had just dreamt it--but I didn't. I was honestly frightened, and paralysed! Unable to communicate.  I know it wasn't a dream. 

But, what was it? A ghostly visitor or a visitor from another sphere?  I've often wondered.....

Refer to another blog I wrote back in 2010:  I think it is talking about the appearance of this same man!

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