Saturday, June 9, 2012

She did it to me again!

Remember when I wrote about Squirt being such a Drama Queen and playing dead at the bottom of her aviary?

Well she did it again today.

I ran out to her aviary when I saw her, because I had just been out there about an hour earlier, throwing a ball with Strap and talking with Squirt, so didn't know why she would so suddenly die on me!  When I noticed her, she had just been laying in a corner of her aviary, on her back with her feet up in the air, toes closed in, and her beak sort of open. 

But guess what--she faked me out again!  What a character she is...

Well later today I researched a bit about bird behaviour and discovered that often if a pet bird is content and comfortable, it will sleep on its back. This is something a wild bird will rarely do.

So I watched them.  And guess what- they watched me......

In our family room we have a leather couch which is visible from the patio, and I have just noticed that on the times that I decide to lay down and rest or watch TV, both Strap and Squirt do the same thing!  It's like--"OK - She's laying down...we don't need to guard or play - so nap time!"

Well, thinking back on it - I had been laying down, Strap was under the BBQ cover and Squirt was on her back!  We were all resting in the afternoon. And I disturbed them in my panic!

I know better next time I can relax a little bit - but when will I know if I, for real, have to give Squirt mouth to beak resuscitation?

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