Sunday, June 17, 2012


ZookeeperLast night Chris and I watched the movie - Zookeeper!  I enjoyed it so much I was really laughing  out loud - what a great movie for freeing the spirit and making anyone forget about life and any hassles for a while! 
What I loved most I think was that the animals were recognised as being able to talk, and the humour that occurred because of it!

I talk to my animals all the time- and in their own way, they talk back to me. 

Yesterday when I was playing ball with Strap I told him I didn't want to throw the blue ball anymore and preferred the pink one - so he brought the pink one to me.  --Now you can't tell me that he doesn't understand perfectly what I was saying...meanwhile Squirt was yelling out in the background--"Strap! Hello Strap!"

The other day when Chris and I were at the zoo, I bought a soft toy replica of a black cockatoo, which calls out in their bird song, when a button is pushed.  This morning I went out to the patio to see and talk with Strap and Squirt, and pushed the little button on the black cockatoo while I was standing in front of Squirt's aviary.  She acted miffed and ruffled to begin with, then she just stopped and actually hung upside down to study his face.  She suddenly said "Hello!"  I loved it...she was trying to make friends!

I so much love animals and their wisdom....sometimes I think we just need to stop, take a breath, and learn from them.  What a more peaceful world it would be....

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