Friday, June 15, 2012

Strap discovers his worker dog spirit again!

We have discovered that we have nuisance birds here - they scavenge and eat all and everything, and even raid Strap's food dish.  They are classified here as a pest--but it is hard to get rid of them   That is-- until today!

Strap suddenly discovered his inner dog voice and right of herding, and he hunted them straight out of the patio, and then later when they flew up to one of the palm trees, he just sat there and watched them, daring them to come down to his territory--it was fun to watch, and also good to see him running around again.  He had become a bit too complacent, if you know what I mean!

I believe these pest birds are called Indian Myna birds---they just invade!  We still have other bird life here--but these guys are a real nuisance.  I used to love feeding the birds when I lived in Rockhampton, but won't put out any kind of food now, as these horrible things just flock in!

The local council and other groups are attempting to do bird traps to help rid the area, as they are deterring some of our more preferred and precious bird groups from nesting in the area. They are real interlopers and should never have been allowed to be an introduced bird species!  So that's just great--we all know that now!  Similar to the cane toad stories--but that truly is another story!

Anyway, Strap was running around chasing them away and then coming back to our glass doors for us to say: " Good Boy!  Keep it up!" He would then tear off again, and chase them, with that determined border collie look in his eyes--we haven't seen that look for a while!

Squirt got all excited and yelled out: "Hello Strap!" and other comments, and we had fun watching him.  Squirt included!

It was great to see him take control again - something he hasn't wanted to do for awhile...transition period maybe - from a larger property to just an acre--who knows- but our spoiled friend was a happier chappy today--great to see!

You know, if and when  anything happens to these guys I will miss them so much--they are such characters!  I love them to pieces, and know it is given straight back to us! 

Life can be grand can't it!

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