Wednesday, October 3, 2012

It's the small things.. sometimes literally

Today I went shopping to do some errands and hopefully find what I wanted in a few shops.  As I was walking through this Centre a small 2-3 year old boy, while holding his Mum's hand kept turning around and looking at me.  Finally I couldn't resist, and just smiled at him--Wow! What he smile he flashed back at me.  I kept walking and thinking 'What a cutie' then started thinking again about what it was I was really hoping to find on this shopping trip--the sad thing is, I now have to carry a list with some items written down, so that I don't forget to remember, you know what I mean.

Anyway, while standing in the main Centre, I suddenly was grabbed on my lower legs, and this little boy was just hugging them and smiling up at me. I was surprised and looked around for his Mother, and she was standing off to the side, smiling. I looked at her quizzically and just smiled back at this little 'love child' and finally said:

"Thank you darling, everyone always needs hugs--I will carry your hug for me today and it will make me smile! Now run over to Mummy and tell her that she is very lucky that you are her little boy!" 

He smiled at me, and ran towards his Mum. I smiled at her and watched them walk away, waving as they went..

What a rare gift that little boy gave me.

While thinking about him and still smiling, I entered the local K-Mart store in that Centre, hoping to find some kitchen item, but no--they didn't have I wandered down to the dvd/blu-ray section to see if there was anything there that looked interesting. While standing and looking in the alphabetical dvd aisles, I noticed a young 5-6 year old girl who appeared to be following my movements.  I stopped  looking for dvds and just turned and looked at her. 

"You're pretty she said" with a big smile on her face.  I was amazed, and just suddenly smiled at her saying quietly to her:

"Thank you for saying that - You are very pretty too!"  And with that simple statement between us girls--she smiled and ran off to find her Mum..

Kids--their complete reactions to me and life in general always just amaze me!