Saturday, June 30, 2012

Strange white spider

A few weeks ago I was in my study early one morning, when I noticed a strange looking thing on the edge of my opened I investigated.  It was a white, almost transparent spider with a large balloon type thing on its back. 
I studied it for a while, then just walked away.  But I started to get a bit worried.  I had never seen anything like this before, and wasn't sure if it was poisonous or not--so I photographed it, which is what I usually do with anything I'm not sure about, (snakes, birds, spiders, etc) then sat down again at my desk.  I watched it for a while, and then thought that maybe I should get rid of it.  (First of all--you have to understand that I have a real phobia about spiders, I mean--I get scared, and don't like them in my close proximity!) 

I will tolerate spiders as long as they are not being in my area and could be harmful--we have so many of those here in Australia! In our old house, before moving here, we used to get very large huntsman spiders.

Anyway, these were fairly large spiders and I used to make a deal with them--I think I have written about that before--sort of like a spider wrestler--as long as they stayed in their own space--up at ceiling height, I would live with them--come into my zone and they would be 'goners'....

It usually worked, and they kept to themselves--but occasionally I would get a cheeky one, and well, I am bigger than they are--I'm not a killer though--Chris does my dirty work--unless I'm on my own, and have a very large tin of bug spray! I spray it until it is covered and then make a distance between it and me--sometimes I wonder who the spray is going to kill first!  You know when the tin says odorless--odorless to who? Someone without a nose?

Anyway--back to my white spider story - you guys distract me in my need to explain stuff!

I really didn't want to kill this spider, as it was small, and I didn't know anything about it, but it wouldn't cooperate and climb onto my shovel and brush thingy, so in desperation I got some paper towel, and loosely bundled it, and just grabbed the spider and put it in our kitchen rubbish bin--I figured it could probably wriggle out of the loose hold on it, and eventually make its way to freedom..that was my reasoning anyway--(You may not know how much courage and bravery it took for me to do this, but it really did!)

I have tried to do research to find out if it was poisonous or not--what I have found, if my research is correct, is that it can give a painful bite..but still I wonder....really kind of a cute little guy--now remember my phobia--I really am being generous in my outlook!

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