Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Snake necklace

Writing about snakes in my last story reminded me of the time I was getting ready for work, and one of my necklaces fell from my wall mounted hanger and then started to wriggle across my dressing table....I didn't have my glasses on at the time, as I was putting on eye make-up with my special mirror, and just stood there for a few seconds while I tried to work out was what going on!

Then I realised!  It was a snake!  Mind you it was a smallish and slender one, but had disguised itself as one of my necklaces!  Now that's just not playing fair at all!

So I grabbed my glasses very quickly to get a better look, and YEP - a snake!  In my mind I kept thinking it must be a tree snake, as it had somehow come into the house and somehow climbed onto my necklace holder--but hold on!  It was on my necklace holder--I mean there are limits--do I go into their private chambers? NO!   Well--action had to be taken--but what to do?

So I ran upstairs to the kitchen and grabbed our large butcher knife from the drawer, and then holding the knife carefully, ran back down to our bedroom and the snake was still there!  On my dresser, where I had my make-up and jewellery and my stuff!  Not his!  So, using all of my will-power I struck out at the little wiggler--still not sure if it could have been a baby brown snake and somehow ended up in my necklaces--I don't know--when one is kinda scared I guess common sense sometimes escapes!  Anyway--I hit him--about 3 times with the knife--after a while I realised he was dead and then the adrenalin went away, and I had snake blood and guts on my dresser table--YUCK!  So I got cloths and disposed of the snake and the blood and the mess and wondered if the dishwasher could wash the knife's blood off Lady Macbeth's guilt over spilt blood "Out Out damn spot!"

But I looked at the clock and decided I had better contemplate that problem at work, as it was really getting late now!  I think that was the first time that I ever felt sort of sorry about killing a snake--mainly because we just never know if they are poisonous or not! 

If it makes any difference to the snake--I totally scratched and marked my dressing table top with that butcher knife, and it has left life long scars...guess it sort of serves me right--but why did he think he could live life as a necklace--Stupid snake--should have known better--I know my jewellery!!

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