Friday, June 8, 2012

The sweetest kind of love

You won't believe this, because I just watched it and I'm not even sure I believe it!
For about 8 months now, our border collie, Strap, and our lorrikeet, Squirt have lived in close proximity, and have competed fiercely for attention.  They both live on our covered patio area, outside of our family room.  Squirt needs to live there, as she is in her enclosed, large aviary, but Strap has a whole back yard which is fairly spacious to run in, and yet still loves just being in the patio area.  He will only make a foray into the lawned areas when he is A- Chasing his ball, or B- doing his daily doodies (as my Mum used to call them)!

But today, Strap and Squirt became friends.  I mean really made friends with each other!

It was early this morning and the day was still very quiet.  Dawn had arrived, and the day was stretching out and waking itself up. In the new light, I looked out onto our patio and saw Strap once again approaching Squirt's aviary, something I had noticed that he had been doing for the past few days.  He sniffed at it a few times, and then just stood there, looking inside.

Then I witnessed the most amazing thing. As Strap stood there with his nose pressed against the aviary, Squirt walked down the front bars, and hanging upside down, (which is what she does when she is wanting or liking something), she poked her beak through the bars of the aviary and with her dark tongue 'kissed' Strap!  Strap loved it, and stood there for more.  They spent a few precious seconds together and Squirt 'kissed' him one more time. 

I wanted to have my camera to document this, but was afraid to leave my spot at the door, as I knew I would then miss it all.

After about a minute, Strap went to lay down under the BBQ cover, next to Squirt's aviary, and Squirt just walked up the bars of her aviary and swung down onto her rope swing for a nap. 

It was honestly the most amazing and lovely thing to witness.

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