Monday, May 21, 2012

Strap is trying to talk

Remember in my last post when I said that I was sure that our animals understood English " We are positive that they all understand English, and in their own way speak to us all the time (OK--I firmly believe that!) But the other members of the family are beginning to have a fresh understanding of the uniqueness these animals in our family" (taken from my blog:'Squirt and Strap's competition')

Well today is the perfect example.  I was feeling a bit frazzled, but knew at the same time that I hadn't paid much attention to Squirt for at least 2 days, so knew that she probably needed water updated, and maybe some new seed. But when I went outside to deal with her, I noticed that Strap had once again shed so much hair around the back patio tiles and that it had become also mixed up with Squirt's over-spill of seeds, and I just felt cranky!  I grabbed the broom and started to sweep it up, and Strap kept walking in front of me with his tennis ball in his mouth, wanting to play a game.  I told him that I wasn't in the mood, and picked up his ball and through it into the rain.  ( A very hateful thing for me to do.) He just sat and looked at me.

Squirt started saying every word she ever knew, including whistling her dog whistle and calling Strap!  I started calling back to Squirt, and I then filled her water dish.  Squirt and I kept up this banter, and I think Strap just cracked!  If he could have yelled at me in English he would have. Instead, he just sat close by and gave a sharp bark and then a small howl which almost sounded sad. I stopped what I was doing, went to him, and surprised, asked him what was wrong!  He just ran to me, and we cuddled. A lot. I think he was really sad not to be getting the attention that I was giving to Squirt. I cuddled him, and rubbed and held his face.

They both demand so much attention, as much as children would, and sometimes I forget that. All day Strap has laid outside of the glass doors when I have been around, and I have him let inside about 3 times for a cuddle. He loves having his tummy rubbed, and with his paw forces my hand onto his tummy to ensure I hit all the right spots! He then usually jumps up and gives me hugs and tries very hard to lick my face and give me kisses.

Tonight, once again I had let him in, and gave him some cuddles.  When he was happy enough, he then ran outside, and laid by the back glass doors.  Laughing, I was once again telling Chris how fascinated I was with their behaviour, and tried to imitate Strap's latest outburst of a bark/howl. I think I upset him, because all of a sudden, he looked inside the room and gave out a bark/yap again. I think he didn't like me talking about him in a funny way.  Fair enough!

These two animals amaze me, with their communication and body language skills. They definitely know what they want and now just don't hesitate to let me/us know.

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