Friday, May 18, 2012

Dylan the Great!!!

I wrote this story recently for my grandson who is in hospital undergoing various brain surgery operations. He is Dylan the Brave and True! And truly the hero of this story...

Enjoy it!  He did when I read it to him!


Once upon a time, about five years ago, a little boy was born to loving parents who smiled and laughed because they were so happy!  Little did they know that they were holding in their arms a little wonder who would soon be known as DYLAN THE GREAT!

Little did anyone else know at the time, that Dylan’s body was already getting ready to fight the ‘Baddies’.  There were terrible germs and nasties hiding in his body and waiting to do battle with the Great Dylan.  But, Dylan, even at a very young age, was too Strong, and Brave and even Mighty to let the ‘Baddies’ win, and he gathered his strength to fight a very brave battle!

Dylan proved, as he grew older that he was Stronger than Spiderman,
and Braver than Batman,

He was Dylan was the Great!

However, one day, the ’Baddies’ who were not very nice at all, were waiting to do battle once again, and soon after Dylan turned 5, the ‘Baddies’ started the greatest battle that Dylan had ever had to fight before in his young years.  But he knew how to do it, and he put on his Bravest face, and he used all his Strength and he showed his Mightiest power, and the battle began!

There were lots of battle plans and discussions held with his surgeons, his Warriors.  He had to use so much Bravery as they prepared him for each battle, but he took it all on, and showed his Strength not only to the ‘Baddies’ but to those people who were around him.  They all clapped and laughed in relief at how strong he was! 

Dylan was so Mighty that soon he started to defeat the ‘Baddies’ and they got scared and started to run away.  Dylan the Great had done it again.  He had proven how Strong and Brave and Mighty he was against them all. 

Dylan the Great then just had to rest, so that he could be ready for any battle that could be ahead of him.  But do you know what?  I think the ‘Baddies’ will be too scared to come around him for a very long time!

Dylan the Great is my hero!

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Happy Happy Joy Joy said...

Loved the story, and I can understand why Dylan did as well. He is a brave little soldier. The picture is delightful. FIGHT ON, DYLAN, THE GREAT!!!!