Monday, June 28, 2010

My Dad--almost 93 years young

Tonight my Dad phoned me.. He said he had strained his back a bit, as he had to repair a piece of the gym equipment that he uses, in the gym that he helped to design. My Dad will turn 93 in July, and we are already planning his 95th birthday, at which time Chris and I will fly back to Traverse City from Australia, to help him celebrate!

He is an amazing man--I will probably talk about him a lot in later posts--but suffice it to say that if a man strains his back because he was trying to repair a piece of gym equipment at the age of 92+ then, in my thoughts, he deserves reverance.

He recently had complete knee replacement surgery and broke two records according to his surgeon:

  • Dad was the eldest patient his doctor had performed that type of surgery upon, and
  • His bones were so strong that while during the operation, the tenacity of his bones managed to break not one, but two surgery blades, according to his doctor. That's my Dad!

May I follow in his footsteps--someone who is so strong, determined, and still full of life.

I celebrate you, Dad!

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