Thursday, September 15, 2011

A new species - or another reason I love my eyes!

I have to admit I have a weird and wonderful set of eyes.  They often look at the world in a way that is clearly different from how others around me see it.  Assisted sometimes by my crazy imagination, I am never always sure whether to trust what they are trying to show me.  Sometimes I get led down the garden path, or as in today's episode - the gravel driveway!

It was early morning, and I had wondered out onto the deck to feed my morning birds, when I noticed a very unusual sight on the driveway leading up to our home.  There were our usual assortment of kangaroos, (we would probably have about 20 by now - very good to see them back here again, as they freely graze.) But standing amongst them on the driveway was a very tall, somewhat hairy or bushy creature, which I could not decipher.  I got our binoculars to try to get a closer look, but it kept moving.  It looked brownish in colour, and about as tall as a mature emu.  However, it was covered for most of its body in what appeared to be hair, or some growth.  It looked like it had fallen into brown, hairy strubbery, and came up covered in in.  Very hard to describe.  From what I could see of its legs, they appeared to be somewhat hidden under the mysterious hairy growth on its body, and its feet were hard to distinquish.

I decided to grab and camera, and using its telephoto lens try to capture some photos of it. 

I raced down to our bedroom, where Chris was still asleep. As I was reaching for my camera bag, I accidentally woke him, and in my excitement told him what I had found.  He jumped out of bed and followed me as I raced up to the middle hallway, and then downstairs and through our family room, and out the front door. 

I decided to try to get as close to the top of the driveway as I could in order to try to record more clearly the image of this creature that I had seen from our front deck.  As I got to the top of the driveway a lot of the kangaroos were beginning to hop away, and rummage further into the front paddock for food.  But my 'creature' had disappeared!  I looked and looked and couldn't believe it!  It had appeared from the deck to be such a large creature, but now could not be seen anywhere!

I'm pretty sure that Chris thought I had lost my mind.  I tried to explain, but then just told him to go back to bed.  On his way, he mentioned something about: "I think from now on I'll call you Charles - for Charles Darwin! New creature!"

I don't think he believes I saw it.  I think he's thinking my eyes have done it to me again.  But I know what I saw, and I have my camera ready.

Besides, I love what my eyes see. Sometimes I wish I could loan them out so that others could see what my world looks like!!

Oh, well. Tommorrow's another day!

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