Monday, April 23, 2012

Grandma Julia sleeps over

When I was about 14 we moved to a house on a very small acreage, my sister was just newly married, and I had a bedroom all to myself--no more sharing!  It was a fair sized bedroom, and I had 2 twin beds in it- spread at two areas in the room, each one having its own space.

At this stage Grandma Julia would occasionally spend nights with her sons and family, and I would really look forward to her stay! She always stayed in my room, and I would put her in the twin bed which had a view out of the window through the patio.  Being a bit older at this stage, and also going a bit deaf, she often went to bed long before I ever intended to go.  But I would go with her, as she  got ready for bed in her long nightgown, and then would settle herself in bed.  I would stay with her for a while longer, and then would attempt to 'tuck her in', as I kissed her cheek, and left her to sleep. 

When I did go to bed, I would eventually lay there very quietly, and just listen to the night and then to her breathing.  If she wasn't breathing deeply, or appeared to be soundly asleep, I would tiptoe over to her bed, and kneeling on the floor next to her ear, I would whisper:

"Grandma, are you slightly awake?"
"Yes, Yan. ( I had shortened my name, and insisted on its abbreviated use at all times--no exceptions--even my teachers complied--so Grandma acknowledged it also.)
"May I talk to you?  If you don't mind and all..."
"What is it Yan, are you troubled?"
"Not sure...just want to talk, and be with you.  Is that OK?"

As these nights would occur, I often spent a lot of them in her bed, and we would whisper and discuss things...I was a very deep thinker back then for such a young mind, I guess a lot hasn't changed--except the young part!--but those nights were always special to me.

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