Sunday, December 5, 2010

The latest on Squirt!

Because of all the renovations going on here, we have had to temporarily move Squirt, (our lorrikeet) to the lower bathroom, as it has been almost completed and is her sanctuary for awhile!

What has been so interesting to watch though is her behaviour!

Normally, if anyone invaded her space when she was in the central hallway, where she ruled the house, she would squawk loudly at them or me, and protest any invasion of her personal space.  But since we have moved her, she has dealt with plumbers near her cage area, and action all around her, and hasn't protested at all!

There have been nail guns shooting close by, and furniture moving, and doors slamming, and she has remained as calm as can be.  She would occasionally say "Hello!" to the plumbers, but I think they had enough on their hands and really didn't talk to her much.

All week she has been amazingly on her best behaviour, then the guys all went home for the weekend, and on Saturday morning she started:

"Hello!  Hello, Squirt!  Squawk! Wake-up! Squawk!  Jock!  Hello, Strap!" 

The words and phrases just kept falling out of her mouth--like she had been restraining herself and could finally let go.  Then, I worked it out!  She had been on 'Best Company Manners', while all the guys were here--plus she is a natural flirt and could sense fresh talent!

Once they were gone, it was like she could take off her tight girdle and just let go--and so she has --all weekend!

It will be interesting to see how coy she is when the guys all show up again on Monday!

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