Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Toys - the lifetime friends

A few nights ago I watched the movie Toy Story 3 on DVD. This movie was about a child growing up into a young man heading away from home to the next stage in his life, and leaving behind his toys (his great friends as a child) That movie reminded me very much of my 'special friends' as a child.

When I was growing up I discovered at a very young age, the magic ability that some toys have - I learned from my most favourite 'friends' that there was a magic bond that formed, one that, if special enough, stayed with you forever. I was one of the lucky kids who had a room in my home which was totally dedicated to the creation of a place for me and my toys--my playroom. It held shelves of my toys and children's furniture upon which was placed my treasures and some of my most loved 'friends'.  It was not unusual for me to spend hours in this little room, playing and creating stories.  There wasn't an Ipod, TV, or computer game in sight.  Just my gifted 'special' friends and me.

Old ToysEvery night I would go into this playroom and take my special friends from their place on various shelf spots, and lay them safely on the floor, so that at night when everyone was asleep and they 'came alive', they wouldn't hurt themselves jumping down to the floor.  In the morning I would talk to them and wish I could know the stories of their adventures during the night.  I would then put them back on their shelves, and begin my day.

Yesterday, my youngest daughter, Madison, and I sorted through boxes and collections of things which had been stored in her attic like wardrobe.  I found a couple of old 'friends' who had travelled with me to Australia from my childhood, and happily hugged them when I realised that they were still here with me.  The bond is still there--it always will be.

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