Monday, December 19, 2011

Having fun with the wonderful people here

I have to tell you this story.  It really sums up why I am having so much fun living here. 

Chris and I were shopping at our local grocery store, and I had disappeared to the cold deli counter to get a bit of fresh roasted beef for our home-made kebabs that night.  I was standing there at the deli counter trying to decide if I wanted what was on display, when the young girl behind the counter began to call the next number for customer service:

"Number 87.  87!  87?  OK, number 88.  88!   88?"

I smiled at her and was trying to decide quickly what I wanted to do, when the wonderful man standing next to the ticket stub giver machine, turned to me and said: "I think this may be your ticket."  I smiled at him, and realised that my indecision was solved.  "Thanks!  I appreciate this!" I replied, again smiling at him and waited my turn.

Suddenly I heard: "Number 89. Number 89!"

I quickly looked at my number stub, and seeing 89 called out: "It's me!  Wow! I'm the winner!" 

I suddenly then realised that I had said that out-loud and laughed, and then realised that the girl behind the deli counter and the kind gentleman who had handed me my winning number were also laughing - hopefully with me, not at me!!  But who could blame them!

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