Friday, December 9, 2011

My mystery healer

My second daughter Lauren died when she was just 19.  She was driving her car, and it was a pretty bad accident - anyway--don't want to go into those details...the purpose of this story to tell you about the power of certain cats- I'm convinced they enter my life for a reason....

I had gone back to work at the university, but still had black days.  Lauren had been so special to me, and sometimes I just wasn't sure how I could still go on--but I did.  There was just a particular day at work, when I was having extreme difficulties, and was almost hyper-ventilating.  My boss gave me the office mobile and told me to take a walk around the campus and try to relax and deep breathe.  He gave me the phone just in case I got worse, and needed help...

I finally ended up sitting down at a table with a bench, under a shady tree, in a very quiet spot, and just tried to concentrate on relaxing my breathing, and concentrate as much as I could on positive things.  I was still in a lot of emotional pain, which I knew would take me a while to conquer.

I just sat with my eyes closed, and tried to breathe.  I suddenly felt a gentle, soft touch on my arm.  I opened my eyes only to see a grayish/black cat peering straight into my face.  I just sat there and looked back.  I think I started to cry then, but my heavy breathing had eased, and the mystery cat just sat there, looking at me, while she kept her paw on my arm.

After awhile, my tears went away, and my breathing pattern was normal again.  I just opened my eyes and gave my mystery cat a sort of lop-sided smile.  She just still sat looking at me intently, then layed down next to my arm, which was spread out a bit on the table, and just started purring.  We both just sat there.  Eventually I rubbed her back, and I spoke quietly to her, and then we just sat.  For some time. Just the two of us. 

Mystery Cat then got up from the table, looked me straight in the face, paused, and then jumped down from the table and ran across the lawn.  Her job here was done.

It was a fascinating experience, and my turning point. In her own magical way, she helped me to heal!

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