Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Big Boy II

Chris pointed out to me the other day that Big Boy II, my guard magpie, the one who directed traffic in the food give-away-stakes, had hurt one of his legs, and was definitely favouring it and limping. That made me worry. What does a bird do when it is injured? What may be a small injury to us could be life threatening to a wild creature in its natural habitat.

This is an update on BBII - yesterday, as I looked out on my front deck, I noticed that BBII was nibbling at some food that I had thrown down on the ground for the birds- some of it had made its way back onto the deck, and while he hobbled around after his nibbles, another magpie was standing guard, and chasing away a voracious honeyeater, (if one could consider a honeyeater veracious and yes, ferocious), who was determined to have a go at these scraps.

Don't know if BBII will recover and go on to live a full life, but his 'friend' is certainly determined enough for him. Keep your fingers crossed!

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