Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Just Do It!

I have found that when it came to the really important decisions in my life, I have always just made them. I didn't hesitate, overly think about them, or even try to talk myself out of them--I just did it. And for the most part they have always been the best decisions I could have made. (I don't recommend this technique for the feint hearted, but I have always been willing to live with my consequences).

This prelude leads into my next story. My friends and loyal readers have been giving me thumbs up on my writing in this Blog, and I receive good comments, with 'favourite' bits picked out and talked about. Anyway...some of my stronger supporters have encouraged me to try to publish further than just my email signatures, and Facebook, which, face it--isn't really publishing!

So, last Friday, I took the plunge. I located the contact details for the "Women's Weekly" magazine and "Woman's Day", 2 leading magazines in Australia, and sent them an email, linking my blog. I told them that I was being encouraged to publish. I then went on to say that I would be more than happy to write a regular column for them. Today is Tuesday--they have not come running to me with offers. I ask myself, should I be shattered, or just realise that always following my instincts might sometimes have snags....we'll see.

Footnote: In 1974, when I first came to Australia, the Editor of my hometown newspaper, 'The Burlington Hawk-Eye', asked me to send him my 'Experiences' material for a column in his paper, detailing my adventures in Australia. But, hey! I was busy setting up my life here, teaching all of my classes, and discovering my new country. Even when he asked people from my hometown to look me up, and they did find me and contact me, I still didn't heed his plea to contribute to a column in his paper. I was young and foolish. If I had followed those instincts correctly at the time, those magazines I mentioned previously, would probably be asking me to write a column, instead of me offering to them the opportunity for me to write my 'words of wisdom' in a column for them..that'll teach me, won't it!

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