Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Autograph Book

Maybe I'm weird, (I'll accept that criticism) or maybe just sentimental, but just a couple of weeks ago I discovered that I still had my old 'autograph' book which I had 'treasured' while in primary school. It was the fad then to get friends, even teachers, to sign it with their funny/ cute/ maybe meaningful messages. I was surprised to realise that I had packed that little brown-faux leather covered booklet in my belongings when I made the decision to move to Australia. I find that amazing! Why this book?

Yet looking through it, I have remembered so many instances, and the people, ---people I may have forgotten about otherwise. It is just the small things that bring about such large memories.

Looking at the comments, I thought that as an adult, why didn't I keep grabbing those 'autograph' moments from the people who have walked through my life. I think as kids in the 50/60's we had the right idea. We wanted to remember those people, those good times, the times we shared together.

It is with regret that I didn't carry this special little fake leather missile with me through my life---what memories I could be re-living if I had---and there have been some great ones!

I think the moral is, no matter what framework children of today use, be it written or electronic, always encourage them to collect and record their feelings or memories or even just friends names in a format that they will be able to refer to in the years to come. They may be surprised at what they do remember-and a lot of times it is so worth the remembering!!

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