Friday, July 2, 2010

Umbrella of Secrecy

At one stage, after my daughter Lauren died, and I was at home trying to come to terms with how in the world I could continue living, I had two very close friends who would come out to my home at lunch-times and sit with me and talk, while they made sure I ate food. (Yes, guys, I finally figured out that subtle tactic...)

Anyway, as we all worked in the same area, we established an 'Umbrella of Secrecy' ( which was aptly named - coincidentally, as we sat under one of the large table umbrellas on my front deck).

To date, it has stayed code--and whenever the need is there, we instigate the secrecy umbrella--it is nice to have people like that in your life---not meaning secret and spy-like--but caring and loving--people who are not afraid of the hard times--and will always be there to ensure that life does go on...a bit heavy for this early morning post--but, I love these guys!!

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