Sunday, July 25, 2010

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Dad will be 93 on the 29 July -- just a few days from now. It made me think about all of the memories I have in my life concerning him - but one of my favourites is Christmas morning! I would start waking up my sister at about 4:00 am, which for her was unfortunate, mainly because she had to share a bedroom with me! She would always grumble: "Not yet! Go back to bed!"

So, I would lay there in anticipation for Christmas morning a bit longer, trying to sleep, knowing that I couldn't dare to creep downstairs to see if Santa had been, because if he was doing his magic, he would disappear and take all of the presents away!!

So impatiently I would wait, bother my sister a couple more times, then when I saw daylight creeping in slightly, I would sneak into my parent's room, and whisper "Is it time yet?" If I didn't get a quick response, I would shake Dad's shoulder, and whisper louder-- "Is it time yet?" Usually after awhile, and much loud coughing on my part, Dad would wake up, and I would ask again: "Is it was time yet to go see if Santa has been?"

Dad would always say, "Well, not sure! We'll see if the others are awake, and then I'll check it out. You just jump in bed here, while I check to see.", and I would excitedly crawl into their warm bed. Meanwhile, Mum would be waking up, and my sister would be stirring in our bedroom.

Dad would go downstairs and turn on the lights on the Christmas tree, which would shine so brightly on the still dark morning, and would cry out " Well look at this! It sure looks like Santa has come this morning! What a surprise!" I would be so excited!

I would jump out of bed, run to my room to get my robe and fluffy slippers, make sure my sister was awake, make sure Mum was getting up, and race downstairs to see what surprises Santa had left! I was never, ever disappointed!

To this day we follow that tradition. No one is allowed to start looking at the Christmas presents on Christmas morning, until either Chris or I arrive and say: "Look what Santa has done! What a surprise!" It's all part of the fun--and to tell you the truth--I still get as excited!!

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