Saturday, July 24, 2010

Renovations and Life

This is our year of renovations. We are renovating our beachhouse, and have reached the final stages--now it's the landscaping and final clean-up and fitting of curtains etc, and we're done. It's been an interesting journey. There have been so many various tradesmen involved, but the final project will be worth it. Once it is on the market we start on the family home! Hopefully not such a large project---but a project ahead of us all the same.

Part of this renovation process has been a 'renovation' of sorts about us also. We have had a lot of life changing issues these past 12 months, including retirement from our university careers, and then moving into the begining of our life careers! We have had some unfortunate family upheavals, and we are currently suffering through some very sad and perhaps final family illnesses, which we know we will need to steel ourselves for as the months continue... It all weighs heavily. Yet through it all, we try every day to keep focussed, and keep moving towards our goal. We will make it, maybe not in our desired timeframe, but we keep striving. Sometimes we wish we had the strength of some of our more youthful years to carry us through that one day or that one hour longer.

One of my most enjoyable renovations, if you want to call it that, is my re-awakening. I am discovering life again--real life, and enjoyment of it. I treasure my small family and my loving husband, and try very hard every day to show how much enjoyment I am having, usually just in the little things. It has been a new experience for me to wake up each day and decide how I want to spend my time on that day--I don't like to waste any time unless it is justified---sometimes, just learning to relax is a new skill!

I like learning how to grow through each day, and love having the time to appreciate life, and my family, and the world in my environment. We are blessed that we live in a peaceful oasis, full of wild-life and the relaxing, luscious garden landscaping surrounding us. It will be hard to leave it---but it is part of our Life Renovation Plan. Something I am really looking forward to!!

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