Monday, July 5, 2010

Today was a good day!

I have had such a good day today. You know the kind...when you talk with people while in town, and somehow just because you cared enough to take time for others, you know that there was a connection with everyone. Genuine smiles, laugher, and good conversation.

I started off today by finding a good home to give my lowboy Baldwin piano to. When the ladies (from the aged care centre that had cared for my Father-in-law) came to my home to view the piano, I knew straight away that I had made the right decision. My piano will really be used and enjoyed, and I know my 'gift' was really appreciated. We had a good time talking and reminiscing about Jay and his remarkable life, and it started my day with a positive buzz.

My bestest girlfriend gave me a very nice and positive compliment on MSN today--and it is in writing--so I can always look at her sweet words, when I have a need to remember that I do matter to people.

Maddie's boyfriend, Jase, texted me today to say that he was planning to cook dinner and dessert for us tonight here at home. What a great treat for me--meant I could just sit back and enjoy the night--what a nice surprise! He loves cooking and planning new menus and we love tasting his newest creations--I'm working on a dinner party menu that we will both prepare for guests, who can then score us - best out of 10---Come Dine with Me! What fun! Of course, we'll win, as we will be the only contestants! Good idea, huh!

Chris came home from our beachhouse renovations this afternoon, to report that it is really 'looking better all the time'. (You could write a song about that!)

The new deck is almost complete---the wire surround was being completed today--and what a difference. The painted and freshly carpeted rooms are really all working well should make a potential buyer a great 2 storey home to call home!

I know it is all just a combination of small things all strung together--but for me, today was great--I'm glad I was here to enjoy it all!!

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