Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Why I am enjoying this

I was hesitant to start blogging. However, I had friends who were writing their blogs, and I enjoyed reading them. So when I took the first, to me, brave step and decided to start playing with this, I happily sent my blog link out to friends and family, so that maybe they could enjoy some of my thoughts, and maybe even respond.

Some friends have responded with encouragement and have said that they really enjoy reading what I have to say, and that I write from the heart. I have received comments like: 'They are beautifully written. Keep it up.' 'I love it. It is easy to read and says much about your life. Keep going.'

My relatives in the States to whom I have sent my blog link, may be tougher critics. Perhaps they are too busy to take time to read anything I may send. Out of sight out of mind perhaps. However, one of my cousins sent me a message: "You need to fine more things to do do, to stay busy!" (Her exact quote) ..oh well, I have loving family and friends here--and heaps of happy memories.

What this blogging has allowed me to realise is that I do love writing, and it is something I will continue to do--my writing stalled for a while because of personal issues--but I am feeling alive again, and despite any negative comments, I will continue to write in this format or any other perhaps published format that I choose.

I hope my Followers and my Friends will continue to read what I write. When my work appears in other formats, they will be the first ones to know.

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