Saturday, August 14, 2010

"Is there anyone out there?"

This is just a short one---just wanted to see if anyone is really reading my blogs. I hope so...otherwise, I guess I am just talking to myself, which my family tells me I do quite often!

I am having fun writing, which is actually the point in all of this journey. But it would be great to know that I had readers..

If you read my blogs and enjoy them, (that's the important point) please become a follower--that way I know I am writing for someone. That would be a great and wonderous thing to know.

If you don't wish to 'follow' me, I will probably just keep writing anyway, if for no other reason than to frustrate you, and urge you to finally 'follow' or at least make comment, so that you can tell me to stop this incessant writing. So, you's really all up to you!

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