Friday, May 6, 2011


Flip and our two beautiful grandchildren flew off to their home today, very early this morning.  There were a few tears from us at the airport, but lots of smiles all the same!

It has made me think about some of the things we did this week while they were here, and one of my favourite memories was taking Isaac to our local zoo to see our Chimps, Ocky and Cassie at feeding time (refer to:  My Chimps -

Isaac loved the Chimps and the Koalas and especially loved running!  He kept injecting me with fuel so that I could run as fast as he could.  I told him that I thought I probably needed Super Fuel!  It was a good afternoon, and that night when we got home we were telling Poppy about our adventures with Mummy, and Baby Em and what we had done. 

Then Isaac turned to Poppy and said, "I think Jananna is crazy!"
"No, she's not crazy Isaac,", Poppy replied.  "She's loopy!"
"Loopy!", Isaac squealed!  "Yes, she is!" 
"Jananna, You're loopy!" he yelled as he ran towards me in a cheeky manner...
"All the better to love you with my darlin'", I smiled as I hugged him.

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