Tuesday, May 17, 2011

So close to the end...

We are so very close to putting our home on the market, in preparation for our move to Cairns, and yet there seems to be something that just keeps stopping us....just recently, it was a broken water main which was tracked by the plumbers to a leak in the main line underground, emanating from the backyard.  That's going to cost us a pretty penny!  Now we have to have ditches dug, and new main line pipes buried, and additional pipe connections made to all of our sprinkler and taps connections outside.......bother!

I know that I seem to have a strong connection with this house, always have had, but it is as if it won't let me go!  I think I have told you about the previous spirits that lived here, and the children's laughter that was often heard, when I was here .... maybe they are worried that they will be left behind and forgotten about.... even as I write this, it seems a strange thing to say.. but I don't know how else to express what is going on here.

I will always love the time I spent living here, and my memory bank is so full - but it is time to move on -- for all of us.

Keep your fingers crossed that we are able to accomplish this marketing task and the move in the very near future!  It is a wonderful home, but it is time for someone else to also experience the love here, and the knowledge that not only does one love living here, but that the house and land loves back......

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