Thursday, July 28, 2011


Chris had a red setter as a best-est friend when he lived in Canberra in days gone past.  I love hearing the stories about Seamus, his wonderful dog companion, and love the enthusiasm that this beautiful red dog had for life.

But one of my most favourite stories is the one about Hide and Seek. 

Chris, who has always worked successfully with dogs, used to wander into the backyard at his home in Canberra, where Seamus would be waiting expectantly for any sort of game or fun to begin.  One of Seamus' favourite games was Hide and Seek. 

Chris would tell Seamus to go and hide, while Chris counted to 10.  Seamus would quickly hide in one of the large shrubs, and then wait excitedly for Chris to find him.  Meanwhile, the whole shrub would be shaking and quivering with the excitement held within Seamus' tail and body, as he secretly hid!  Chris would wander around the garden telling Seamus that he would find him and that he was getting warmer, while the shrub just kept shaking more and more frantically!

Eventually out of just sheer excitement, Seamus would jump out at Chris, almost as if saying: "Here I am, Silly!  Fooled you!  Ha! Ha!"

I wish I could have had the opportunity to meet Seamus.  He sounded like a great pal!

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