Friday, July 15, 2011

Weather or not

It has been a difficult time here lately. I'm blaming the weather!  It just cannot make up its mind.  I mean, one day it is perfectly lovely, so I search for my T-shirts and summer type gear, then whammo--that night it is freezing cold (at least to me!).  Chris doesn't feel the cold, but to humour me he puts up with the heaters and the sight of me dozing by the fire.

This is why I have been 'off-air'. 

It is so cold down here in our family room at night, that I can only sit for a few moments to check emails and see what is happening in the world.  (I have found another heater though, so that is now a relief!)

Anyway, life has gone on, and we have had some big issues to deal with.  I'll tell you about them in later posts. Now I'm just dealing with a runny nose, and the need to sneeze. 

See you tomorrow!

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