Sunday, July 24, 2011


When I write a post to my blog, it takes some thought sometimes - it isn't always just an 'off the cuff' kind of thing.  If I wanted to write in that vane, I would just post an inane statement to Facebook- doesn't everyone?

Feeling somewhat 'blocked', I asked Chris what I could write about - writing for a journal or a paper is much easier--they give you the topics--

Chris suggested Teddy Bears - my friends.  "Bears?  That's a bit lame", I replied.  But then I remembered.  ....

I have been very fortunate in my adult life that people around me have embraced my love for Teddy Bears as much as I have.  I have so many of them and so many memories because of them.  When I pick one up, it's just not picking up a stuffed bear, it is like embracing a memory, a moment, a time when that bear really meant something to someone, and something to me.  It is for that reason that I am going to tell you the story of my Unforgettable Bear.....

When Chris and I got married, it was after a very sad and emotional time in my life.  My first husband and father of my three daughters had recently died from cancer, and then six months later my 19 year old daughter died tragically in a car accident.  Not a good time.  But Chris was there.  He knew what I was going through, and experienced each moment of grief with me.  We were such good friends, and shared a rare humour together.

Then, one day, we realised that it was OK to be acknowledging this friendship, and to realise it for what it was - Love!  To cut a long story short, we married, in a wonderful ceremony, surrounded by friends and family, and laughter and music.  Our theme song for this partnership (and still is) - 'Unforgettable' by Nat King Cole and his daughter, Natalie Cole.  It played at our wedding and was the song that played during our wedding waltz. 

Well, this year, on Mother's Day, as I woke up in the morning, I noticed that Chris had disappeared, and as my 2 daughters were no longer in my home, but living their own life, I sort of layed there and felt a bit sad and sorry for myself.  I remembered the burnt toast mornings of breakfast in bed, with a tray of spilt juice, and cold toast and mutterings, as it arrived proudly to my bed each year.  This year was just quiet.

Then, Chris opened the bedroom door with a tray of food, and a present.  I sat up on propped pillows, and surveyed my surprise bounty, and gave him a very good appreciative look and kiss.  As I was enjoying my rare breakfast in bed, Chris urged me to unwrap my present.  (We are like peas in a pod--we almost enjoy more the act of giving a present to someone more than anything else! )  He was beside himself!

I took the ribbon and paper from the the wrapped  bulky parcel, to discover a brown Teddy Bear, holding a mobile phone, and wearing a red t-shirt with the embroidered message: "You're so Unforgettable" emblazoned on his chest.  I looked at it's cute face, and couldn't help but smile, feeling that even though at the moment I was feeling like a lost and forgotten Mother, at least Chris and this crazy t-shirt wearing bear loved me.  Then I touched a button on his hand and he sang to me, in his own teddy bear voice, how 'unforgettable' I was.  I think I ate breakfast, it's hard to remember if it was soggy or not.  There were tears of love, and happiness, and knowing that no matter what --to someone I am 'Unforgettable'.

(Post note:  Maddie sent a wonderful Mother's Day present to me, which arrived a couple of days later, and was sent with much love - so I was double blessed!)

Anyway, this is a clip of our theme song:  Enjoy!  -

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