Thursday, March 8, 2012


A few days ago, I started to write a story about all of the strange pets and animals (err...friends of a different shape), that had entered our lives and noticed that except for some, I have written about them all over the years--I guess that is how much impact they have had on my life!

fantail goldfishOscar was maybe my second experiment with a fish - Lauren had one as a child, but as I knew nothing about caring for fish then, we discoverd that one day it just jumped out of it's small tank, and died....poor little Cleo!  We gave it a fish funeral--wrapped it in a gold box and buried it where we could place flowers when we wanted to...a sad day.....

But then one day, many years later, and I thought many years wiser (Yeah--dream on!), I decided we needed to have a fish again!

So, out of the blue I bought Oscar--He was a fan-tailed goldfish- a hardy sort!  Almost instant love happened between me and Oscar--the family thought I was crazy--but I was getting used to that reaction. So Oscar lived in a domed glass fish bowl, and swam around. Then one day, as Oscar was getting bigger and spreading his tail feathers, I decided he needed a bigger home--so I bought him a very large bowl--you know the sort --big, glass, sort of domed - could be a punch bowl if you were desperate!

Anyway--I cleaned it thoroughly. and then filled the bottom with blue crystal stones, I inserted some green plant for him, and then transferred him to his new home.  I placed him and his bowl on top of our large glass topped coffee table which was in our lounge room, and sat back to enjoy him.

It took him a couple of days to settle, and as fish do, he remodelled his new home where he thought it was necessary--that's OK--to each their own.. but we were beginning to discover each other.

As time went on, I discovered that Oscar loved to dance, as when I was watching TV in that room, and would have my feet extended on my recliner couch, I would jiggle them to the music, and Oscar would look only at me, and swing and swirl to my feet!  It was so fascinating to watch. 

I also discovered that he loved- LOVED- having a bath, and a new clean bowl! I know you are supposed to always net fish carefully and put them in a safe container while their home is being cleaned--but I just always asked Oscar to swim into my hand, which he did, and I placed him carefully in a large measuring cup of water, while I cleaned his home.  He used to wiggle and, you won't believe me, but sort of cuddle into my palm before I put him in his temporary home...I guess you had to be there, to see what I really mean..

Anyway, I would clean his bowl, and wash his blue crystal stones, and insert new plant etc, then just put my hand into the large measuring cup and ask Oscar to swim back into it.  He always did.  Then when I placed him in his new clean home - he would do a dance of joy!  He would swim around. and dive and inspect it all, and literally almost give me a large grin of excitement!  When I placed him back on the glass topped coffee table, he would just happily play away, but always stop to watch me, and just check if I was there.  He liked it when I sat in my chair on the couch, and danced with him--he LOVED dancing!

Well Oscar and our family spent a few happy years together, him dancing, and me dancing with my feet on my recliner!  Oscar always watched me- - he would swim around in his bowl and keep his huge bulbous eyes on me a lot.....although he didn't like it when I vacuumed...either the motion/vibration- or the sound--he just always preferred a one on one with me--dancing.

One year I noticed that the sun was sneaking in quite brightly in the early morning hours from our cathedral ceiling windows, and shining straight down on Oscar and his home.  Not good. So I decided to move him to my 'special desk' which was against one wall in the lounge room, and he seemed happy. We could no longer dance together, as it was in a more difficult position, but I was willing to sacrifice this fun until the sun moved a bit lower or higher--whichever way it goes when the seasons change.

Then  suddenly it was Christmas time!  I was happily shopping and discovered a laser-light Christmas village at a reasonable price--so brought it home, and set it up on the desk where Oscar now lived--I thought he would enjoy the fun----But I was horribly wrong.

Oscar was somehow affected by the laser color changing lights and he started to act strangely. It took me a couple of days to realise that he was in trouble, but by then it was almost too late.  I of course stopped the light display--but then I got up one morning to discover Oscar was dead and floating on the top of his home--his treasured palace! 

I don't know how long I cried, and felt such guilt - because I think it was my fault that the Christmas display killed him....but rest assured--he will never be forgotten--what a great Dude he was!

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