Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Personal growth - maybe?

I've gone through quite a lot of pain lately--what with my damaged ankle and now maybe as a result of  my Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) flaring up as a result - but I am determined to conquer it all--and believe me, I will!

I went shopping yesterday--easy task--but somehow managed to upset the 'oh so sensitive ankle'--OK -let's all give sympathy.....Maybe a bit more....OK! Enough!  She only plays up for sympathy--stupid blond ankle--when will she face reality??

But it made me realise this morning, after, I must admit, a rather uncomfortable time with her, that despite all that--what is an ankle and its pain?

I mean think of those who are without legs, or arms or their anythings..I am like a whimpering child..

I love the human spirit!

I love the way, despite anything, it just goes on...and sometimes conquers!  It is amazing what we can all endure and then accomplish - we are truly an amazing lot!

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