Friday, September 24, 2010

Rain, rain...go away!

I know that after living in Australia for as long as I have, that rain brings growth, and greenery sometimes to a very dry country. And in many situations this rain leads to growth and better economy due to grain production, crops of all sorts, grasses for stock, etc..I understand this concept only too well---but believe me--(Don't get me wrong, God!) we have had enough rain for now!  Even one day of sun would be ideal!

This will be my pondering page today, as a result:
  • Where do butterflies go in the rain?  I mean if by general rule it is acknowledged that one should never touch the 'magic' dust on ther feathery wings--what does the rain do to them?
  • Do the birds escape to warm down filled nests and just cuddle in--and after days of rain do they 'flip coins' to see who has to venture out of their warm haven to forage for food, or is it a team effort?
  • When I look at my border collies and keep saying to myself that they have thick coats of hair and can survive any rain downpour--am I just fooling myself, or can I believe me?  I think, looking at Strap that I am fooling myself!
  • How can we as humans harnass the amazing army of strength that those little critter ants have been able to do--they know just when to cover up their ant hill openings in preparation for rain, and then tunnel out just when they know it is safe and timely to do so--the 'magic' storages of food down there must be amazing--I wonder if they have refrigeration?
Do you ever think of these things?

As an Aquarian, my thought processes flow more easily by a body of water--a lake, a river, an ocean --sometimes even a swimming pool.  But like an Aquarian, I do not like having my thought processes controlled by something outside of my control--like weeks of rain without sunshine--How do people exist on the opposite poles on this earth--extreme cold and days of night darkness--they must be amazing humans!

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