Saturday, September 11, 2010

Strap and his curious ways

First of all I need to explain, I talk to animals all the time, I'm sure they understand or are at least sympatico with me. I always get responses, but yesterday even Strap surprised me.

Chris was getting ready to head down to the beachouse for another hard day of work, and I was sitting on the lower steps leading to our bedroom, talking to him. The 'boys' (Jock and Strap, our two border collies), were standing at the screen door, really wanting to come inside to join in, so I motioned for them to open the door (refer to dog screen door damage in an earlier blog) --anyway, both came running into the hallway. They hesitantly looked at their Master, Chris, who indicated to them that it was ok that they were inside, and then, as always, came to me and demanded snuggles and cuddles from me. Jock is getting old now, and his hips won't really allow him to climb further than two steps, but he still managed to lay his head in my lap and snuggle in. Strap climbed all 4 stairs and sat next to me on the top stair, and cuddled into my side, loving having his chest and ears rubbed as he snuggled in.

Meanwhile Jock, who had better things to do and explore, turned and had already opened the screen door and had gone back outside. Deciding I had to get on with my day, I suddenly stood up, and as I did, Strap stood up with me, and we walked into the main living area.

He smelled everything on his way - the plants, the lounge chair where I sit, the side table, and finally the kitchen floor before following me into the dining room. (Both dogs have always lived outside, so their curiosity peaks at times when they come inside). I sat down at the dining table, and started to look at messages on my laptop, when Strap suddenly jumped up, put his front paws on the table in front of me, sort of pushing his way into my lap space, and peered into the laptop screen. He watched it for a short time, turning his head on the side as he does when he is curious about something. Then he hopped down and went exploring, smelling the other things in the room, including the doors leading out onto the deck.

As he did this this I quickly googled 'border collie' and it brought up a photo that looked just like him..I called him over so that he could have a look. Once again he put his paws up on the edge on the table so that he could get a closer look--I moved the laptop closer and he examined the photo, as I said to him, "See Strap! There are other handsome dogs like you out in the world--aren't you wonderful?". He then just hopped down onto all fours again, looked at me for a few moments, and then calmly turned away and walked down to the bottom hallway, opened the screen door, and joined Jock outside in the backyard.

I guess he decided that his world was far more interesting than that of this strange Mistress of his who sits in front of a flat looking screen thingy and just looks at static photos of him--he probably decided then and there that he was happy he was a dog--at least outside he could roll around in the dirt, chase his nemesis-the magpies, and run the length of the large yard with his mate Jock, as they chased and protected their territory. Out there he could smell what it was like to be a border collie.. Silly Mistress--she misses so much in life!

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