Friday, September 17, 2010

A snake of another colour!

Living in Queensland has always fascinated me--there are so many beautiful animals and plants here--but an unusually strange one is the tree snake--sneaky little buggers!

When Maddie was about 4 years old, she came into our lounge room to announce to me that there was a snake on the top of her swingset--well...a girl from Iowa would have said --"Get out of here! There's no way a snake could be on top of your swingset!" But I was a Queenslander now--so I dropped what I was doing and followed her down our back hallway and into our backyard, in order to see for myself - this so-called snake on her swingset...and yep! There it was! A treesnake- sunning itself on the top green bar of her swingset--not even really bothered that we were there talking about it--to its face. By memory, I think it turned it's face and looked at us, but then just as cooly as if it was wearing shades--it just went back to sunning itself.

Knowing it wasn't poisonous--but apparently cheeky, I just took Maddie's hand and went back inside the house, saying: "Well, we'll just give him some space for now--I'm sure he will leave comfortable can that be? One roll over, and he's on the ground! Silly snake!"

So we came inside and I tried to distract her with some other activity--mind you, I walked with caution through that backyard for quite some time--never had met a snake with such attitude--hoped to never again!

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