Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Painters attack again!

The painters came back today to begin work on the back level of the house.  In preparation, Chris and I emptied our water bed in order to better make room for the painters to move into that room and begin their work.  It's a big room, and will present some challenges as over the years some cracks and surface scarring has occurred on the ol' walls, so there will need to be a bit of attention paid to it once they get going.  Unfortunately it became obvious yesterday as we moved the empty water bed out of the room, that she had served us well, but had come to the end of her serviceable life.....we decided to give her a fitting burial and try not to dwell too long on her 'demise'.

Well--our alarm clock was set for 6:30, as we slept on our super dooper new bed last night in what we refer to as the 'spare room'.  The painters needed to get in there to put their second and final coat on the walls, and to begin work then on the bathroom further down the hallway and then our vacant bedroom - (except for the 'junk' we still needed to find a home for!)

They arrived at 7:00am, and we greeted them, chatted for a while, then they set to work.  While we were scoffing toast and our morning tea or juice, they had already begun work on the 'spare room' for which we had provided additional cover sheets to protect our new bed, and after we had put quickly into the wardrobes the lamp, clock, etc, for use tonight.  (We've accepted the fact that we will be sleeping there for the next week or so, while this work continues and then the new carpet is laid.)

Before I could sneeze 'My Grandfather!' they had already stripped the bathroom of any of its belongings, including my toothbrush, and started work there. By now it was about 7:45.  Yeeks!  We started our arduous task of removing everything from our other bedroom - quite a task as it had become a dumping ground from the rooms where we had to formerly move things - so it contained a griller, a new fan-dangled deep-fat fryer, heaps of paper work, 'stuff in general' and then more stuff --we had learned over the last month to do the walk and swerve through the room, now we were moving all of this stuff to some other place!  This whole house is comical - I keep telling myself that it will all fall into place--but I am beginning not to believe me!

We finished our work in our bedroom by about 9:30, in a fit of heat consumption.  Meanwhile Graham and Justin had painted the first coat on the bathroom walls and ceiling and had given the 'spare room' it's second coat.  When they move -- they move fast! They took a 'smoko' break, and Chris and I escaped to the air conditioned lounge room and sat on the new couch in a heap.  I then started the washing machine and washed 14 curtains which had come from our bedroom windows--3 loads!  Graham and Justin left  between 12:00-12:30 pm, and I said that I look forward to seeing them tomorrow, but asked them to start in our vacant bedroom first and concentrate then on the bathroom, as we would get up to greet them and get on with the day, but not at 6:30 am again.  We might try to sneak a sleep-in until about 7:30!  Wow! That's what you call reckless abandon!

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