Thursday, January 20, 2011

Squirt is on the move again

Squirt has been moved down to the lower level family room as we begin to finish any renovations in the lower level of the house and the bottom bathroom. She lived in her large aviary style cage outside the backdoor for about half a day, then we remembered we needed to find a new space for her - did I feel guilty about leaving her out there!  But I think she enjoyed herself!  She called Strap a lot and really joined in singing with all of the wild birds around her.  I think she thinks she is special because she has a home and swings and gets fed - I told her not to rub it in but to play nicely with the others!

Anyway, as we needed to move her down a complete flight of stairs, Maddie and Jason wheeled her cage instead from the back door through the side garden, and up the rise to the family room.  She now sits in her glory in front of the wall of still curtain-less windows with the sunlight and birdsong all around her in this large room. As it doesn't yet have curtains on all of its glass space, there is a good echo down here, and she really takes advantage of it!  She is having a great time, and I can hear her singing out early every morning telling everyone that she is awake and wants to play!

The other day, Jason and Maddie were down here at the computer desk and working on things when Jason looked over and Squirt was laying on her back at the bottom of the cage with her legs in the air, hitting the bell on her rope swing and talking to it.  As the afternoon went on, she had managed to pull herself away from her bell and was just laying on the floor in the corner of her cage, with her legs spread, and just remained laying there.  (And they call me a Drama Queen!  She was obviously rehearsing a great dead bird routine, and by the way, doing a very good job!)  Eventually she got bored and just ran around chasing her plastic balls and yelling out.

I will admit--there is never a dull moment with her around!

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