Saturday, January 22, 2011

Today is my Birthday

In our family, a birthday means that you are banished from the main living area the night before, and eventually sent to bed that night, as our family members decorate and prepare for birthday celebrations for the upcoming Day!  We also blow up enough balloons representing the person's years of life.  In my case they'll still be at it next Thursday!

It's a big deal!

I love this tradition - it's a big celebration--we all love the surprise on our big day!

However, this morning, I got up early and squinted my eyes so that I wouldn't notice any surprises as I sleepily walked through our lounge room to go to the front deck to sit and ponder.

I watched the dawn appear, and loved the beauty. As I sat in my favourite chair, I looked up from reading my youngest daughter's University schedule, and noticed three magpies sitting there, just looking at me.  Funny birds!  They can be so aggressive , but with me they are so hopeful and gentle.

My birthday wish to you:

May you always be surrounded by love
May you accomplish what your heart expects and wants
May you find the strength to deal with sad times, and
May you live a long and valuable life!

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