Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Madison has left the building

Madison left for Brisbane and her new life as a university student today.  Really, a very simple and expected outcome for most families.  This one included.  It's just that emotions come into it, and it was hard to see her walk through the security gates at the airport and wave goodbye.  (It's not a final goodbye - we all know that, but this time it was painful - she has reached a new level in her life, the level where as her Mother, I step back a bit, and observe, and advise when needed.)  She is growing up---to be expected--but wish it didn't have to happen yet. 

Both Chris and I are excited for her, but it is sad all the same - I keep seeing the baseball cap clad head, with dirty clothes, running into the house excited because this time she didn't fall off her bike, or she managed to kick the soccer ball past Jock, our border collie and make it into the 'goal'!  This time she has a much more demanding goal and a big challenge ahead of her - I'm sure she will win this one too!

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