Sunday, February 27, 2011

Spare a thought

Tonight I want to spare a thought for all of those Australians and now people in Christchurch, New Zealand who have suffered not only loss of income and home, maybe both, but for some maybe even  loss of life.

Emerald floodsIt started in Queensland in December/January 10/11, when there was massive flooding and many families in areas surrounding us were flooded out of their homes, and farmers lost their whole year's work as their farmland went under water, and they watched it then all rot away.  There was major devastation to Australia's export market, and its resultant income to these families, but also huge losses to homes and property damage.  Some families were stranded on roof-tops and upon rescue were eventually forced to seek shelter in community housing shelters.  Many children spent their Christmas' escaping the waters, and leaving behind them any trace of Christmas presents. The Australian community spirit rose to the front-line and support was offered wherever possible.
Damage to Ingham after Cyclone Yasi (Photo: Mic Lloyd)Then only a short time later, Northern Queensland suffered a major cyclone, equal to, if not greater than Cyclone Katrina, as suffered in New Orleans.  This time though there were very few deaths reported, but much damage.  Again the agricultural industry was devastated, and homes were lost. Many people suffered and while Queensland was just recovering from its flood damage, we had to turn around and try to cope with cyclone damage and its disasters.
Christchurch earthquake: Images of devastation Rescue workers search for survivors through debris on February 22, 2011. Photo / Getty Images
At last it seemed that life could at least get back to normal, and then this week an earthquake hit Christchurch, New Zealand at mid-day, in its Central Business District. They are still finding bodies! The devastation and nightmares that those people are going through can only be imagined.

My head is reeling from all of this negativity being forced upon us at the moment by Nature.  I know that as humans we can cope with a lot, but sometimes, one has to just stop and yell out--OK--enough is enough! 

My heart goes out to all those families who have suffered, and not known where they would lay their tired heads that night, or where they would find clean, dry clothes, or find enough food and especially clean water to sustain them.  In the worst case scenarios, they are still trying to find out where their missing family members are.  I have ached for you.

These natural disasters have to end.  As humans , we have been tried, and yet our spirit has still survived, and we still move on.  We are strong.  We will survive it all, but, this damage and loss is taking its toll, at a very personal level for so many people.

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