Monday, February 7, 2011

Quick one about Squirt!

It has been very hot here lately, and I have become increasingly aware that I have to make a special effort to make sure that I remember to give Squirt fresh water each day.  But I have discovered yet one more quirky thing about this crazy Lorrikeet who has invaded my life, and is forcing her way into my affections.  She loves ice cold water!
It all started because one day it was very hot down here in the family room, and I knew that she needed some fresh water to counteract the heat that was invading the room. 
I just didn't want to walk up yet another flight of stairs for the 10th time that morning, just to fill her water dish from a water tap, so I went to the coldroom, and grabbed a bottle of cold water and filled her dish.  I told her to wait until it warmed up a little, telling her that it would be too cold for her to attack all at once.  I then went back to sitting in front of the fan, and did some more writing.  Suddenly from behind me, I heard a loud squawk of excitement and turned around to see Squirt sitting in her water dish and splashing the cold water all over the place!  She was having so much fun!  She practically had a smirk on her face, and proceeded to empty her dish during her morning bath time session. 
I went to the coldroom again and got some more cold water, and putting it in her water dish, I told her to go sparingly, as this may the last time I filled her dish that's like she understands everything I say - instead, she just grinned at me in her beak like way, and started swinging on her rope swing....
It has become routine now, and each day we go through cold water fill-ups.  One for her bath, the other to keep her happy....She is a crazy bird --but always keeps me smiling....I'm not sure who entertains who the best, her or painters think we are both mad as we sit and talk to each other....but we know what we are talking about --haven't tackled the heavy life issues yet---but she's only young yet!

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