Friday, February 11, 2011

She's on the move

Very sad today.  Maddie is getting closer and closer to M day ---Movers day, followed by L Day --Leaving. 

I am trying so hard to be pragmatic and not show emotion--but the tears are there..

Maddie is just moving away to start a great university experience in Brisbane - it's  not the end of life as I know it---just sad...

Makes me wonder--what did my parents go through when I decided to move to Australia, and then later told them that it would probably be a permanent move....must have been heart breaking - amazing this family love thing--it just keeps happening--we get tried and tested, but if it is there, it just is!

I have loved my daughters, each in their own manner.  One is deceased, one is absent from my affections through her choosing, and the youngest is starting a whole new adventure.  I am very excited for her, and wish her well, as I have done for all of my girls.....just a bit sad to go through this losing time loss ---her gain of life and adventure and hope and wonder...I really do wish her so much happiness.

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