Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Just had a birthday!!

I just turned a wee bit older--not enough to get worried about, but enough that if I was easily capable of being depressed I'd be looking back to the times when I was younger.....lucky for me, I don't look or really act like someone who is normally this age, unless one is a moviestar, or has gazillions of $$ and can pay doctors to assist the process--I guess I just have good genes--thanks Dad!

Anyway, yesterday was my official birthday, and I had a lot of lovely friends phoning me,or Facebooking me, including family, and wishing me a happy day--it was a lot of fun.  I was spoiled as usual by my loving husband, Chris, who gave me some lovely gifts - and (here is where I go commercial)--he bought me a Charlie Bear - which is a special limited edition of a handmade bear, which is really taking off here--anyway, my Charlie Bear - Phoenix is his name,was so desperate for love - I just had to have him and bring him home.  He seems content.  He's still a bit like - 'Where am I?  Is it OK?' He sits and watches everything at the moment, ..he'll settle soon...(You think I'm crazy don't you?) I'm not.

But of all the gifts that I received there are 3 that stand out for very special reasons. 

When we bought this house just recently we realised later that its pool is very deep--I mean DEEP! Well, I grew up on the Mississippi, not the Pacific Ocean, so my swimming skills aren't strong--I mean the mud alone in the Mississippi could keep you afloat--I learned to water-ski there in one afternoon--impossible to sink! 

But our pool-- I mean--Whoosh--Straight down! 

So guess what Chris bought me for a birthday present - a purple pool noodle!!  You don't know what that is do you...I'll describe it--It is about as tall as I am, (everyone keeps telling me I'm shrinking) and it is made of styrofoam (I think) anyway--it is a long floating noodle that bends.  So as long as I have that around me in the pool or at least can hang onto it, I won't drown!  But just to make sure, he also bought me the bright yellow inflatable water wings that kids wear on their arms when they are just starting out in water....but these are at least for 12 year olds - which should fit me.....Crazy I know!  But what fun!  And! I'm going to use them!

But today I also received a card from my youngest daughter, Madison, who knows that I need nothing and didn't know exactly what to get me for my birthday, so she bought me a Chicken Family, from Oxfam, which is going to Laos and will be giving families a much needed income, food supply and a further benefit by the breeding of the chickens.  I phoned her and told her how clever she was, and that it was a very treasured present!  I hope it does do some good!!  I really like the idea of my birthday present being something that could possibly help someone else!

That's it, really...just thought you would like to know..

Our family LOVES birthdays, they are such a celebration of the person.  I feel as though I have been very well celebrated!!

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