Sunday, January 29, 2012

My stupid legs

You know sometimes my legs cause me so much grief as they jump all over the place that at times I wish I could really do something serious about them.  At times they cause me to lose a lot of valuable sleep....."Janice" (That's my Mother talking!  Ever notice that when you were growing up, if they brought out the full name, you were probably in trouble!) "At least be glad that you have two legs to complain about--think of those who don't!!!"  Well, I tell ya what - last night I would have traded my legs for just about anything else - "OK, Mum--doesn't mean I'm still going to do it - just felt like it then".

I have inherited a family trait - I call it crazy leg syndrome - mainly because they make me go crazy!! In the middle of the night they will just decide that they don't like the temperature of the room, or that they have been laying too long, or that they are just bored - but they jump!  I mean they really jerk! Sometimes I even kick Chris - I'm sure that one is out of my control...! Right?  Anyway, last night was a whopper.  I went to bed earlier than normal thinking that a good sleep would help me. And it did to begin with, then I woke up---er, rather, I'd like to re-phrase legs woke me up.  I got up and walked around the bedroom for a few minutes, hoping that it was just a circulation thing, but they didn't think that was enough.  I refused to start the day at 4:00 am, so went back to bed, and tried very hard to sleep, but by 5:00 I admitted defeat. 

I went down the 16 steps to the rest of the house (I know there are 16 steps because I count them on the nights when I am tired and climb them to go to bed - Note to self: Get A Life!)

Anyway, here I was, up, at 5:00 am - 'Alone Again Naturally' (Sorry--just a good way to work in that song title) anyway-- I drank a lot of water, and washed my face, and brushed my hair, and gave myself a good talking to, and then walked a lot all around the house. By 5:10 I still felt rotten - OK- so walking a lot doesn't take a lot of time- leave me alone--I haven't had a good day!! Geez!

So, I drank more water--I read somewhere that water cures a lot of stuff - probably in the Good Water Digest (It exists--somewhere, maybe!!)--but anyway that is what I did.  I try not to take drugs, and as I had only taken a cramping drug about 6-7 hours earlier, I felt it was too soon to try to take anymore.  So, I walked some more, until I could recognise that I had feet, and not just lumps, and then sat and tried to read - as it was still dark, and I had difficulty reading the words in my book in the lamplight available, I gave up, and walked some more. I guess you can get the picture. I was really having a fairly horrible time.  "Yes, Mum, I am grateful that I have two legs--just not these two!!"

At about 6:00 am the sun was beginning to shine through, and I enjoyed watching the world around me come to life.  There were birds flying around, singing, and stealing Straps dog biscuits from his bowl while he laid there asleep, with quiet legs - lucky dog!  Squirt was even still asleep.  I couldn't understand.  I mean. I was awake!  Why weren't they?  But I stayed quiet, and didn't disturb them, but I thought of the whistle in my desk drawer, and then began to hear my Mum in the background giving me more advice on not being a nuisance, so just started walking again.

Eventually I got bored, and walked outside and did stuff. You know, like put rubbish in the bin, and kick stones to see if my feet were still alive--they were!  And didn't like some stones- Huh! Served them right, I thought.  Anyway, after some time - let me re-phrase that - After some hours, my legs were beginning to feel tired - Ahhh, poor things. So, I took some pain killers, and went back to bed.

I have felt pretty ordinary all day- probably due to my poor sleeping pattern.  I am determined to have a good night's sleep tonight. So, look out legs.  I will contemplate life without you.....Ok--I won't do that...but I will do something....I know---I'll talk you death! Live with it!

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