Friday, February 24, 2012


I don't know why clowns bring up such scary images for us - but hey--they do!  I am writing this blog for a special friend of my eldest daughter, Bronwyn.  Ange - this is just for you!

When Bronwyn and Lauren were small, their Aunt gave them two  framed prints of clowns to hang in their room!  These clown prints hung there for years, before finally I think Bron told me that they scared her.  Really bothered her.  So we took them away....

As time went on, we moved from that house and moved into our home in Rockhampton.  Life was good - except for the odd noises I have told you about and the thing with the alcove leading up to the stairway to Bron's bedroom.  Strange sounds, and children noises....

But the topper was the times that her friend Ange would come to spend the night, or even if she was just there for a visit--she just absolutely avoided that area, and if she needed to use a bathroom etc, she would use the one on the lower level.....

Anyway, one night we hired out the movie 'It" which was written originally by Stephen King.  It had a scary clown, and in keeping with Friday night tradition, we turned the lights down low, and got prepared to get scared.  At the time, we really did get scared, and I started to understand the clown thing.

It became our family quote--
"Do you want a balloon, Georgie?" 
" Do they float?"
"Oh, yes, Georgie.  They float!  Everything floats down here!"

(Refer: movie clip:)

I began to understand why Ange was disturbed by clowns - sometimes you just don't know if you can trust them, can you!

Then Bart Simpson of all people, excuse me, characters stated:

"Can't sleep. Clown will eat me"

Well, that was it!  Not only did we live in a somewhat sceptical ghost wise house, but now clowns were invading our imaginations.

Anyway--Ange this blog was for you--I do understand.  Just check under your bed each night!
Good Luck!

PS: Garlic doesn't work!!

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Ange said...

Now I'll probably dream about clowns Jan haha! Ahh the good old days of using that bathroom area as fast as humanly possible & running up the first few stairs! I will never forget watering your pot plants while you guys were in the US & coming in one day to find the corner kitchen cupboard wide open with a gravy boat smashed on the floor about a metre away. Talk about heebie jeebies. After that I made my sister Kate or Lisa come with me! I had been secretly nervous about being in the house by myself anyway but up til then had told myself not to be a sook. That really creeped me out. As for Pennywise, if I see a clown to this day I will cross the street to avoid them haha! There are no good clowns...otherwise they wouldn't hide their faces ;)